Thursday, February 19, 2009

Delicious Breakfast Recipe

Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

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This is a delicious, healthy breakfast smoothie and it is very high in nutrients!

Nutritional profile per 10 oz. serving: [3 servings in recipe]
Calories: 217
Protein: 9% Daily Value
Calcium: 7% Daily Value
Iron 8% DV
Zinc 9% DV
Vit. A 92% DV
Folate 14% DV
B1 8% DV
B2 21% DV
B3 8% DV
B5 11% DV
B6 25% DV
Vit. E 17%
Vit. K 98%

There are many other nutrients contained in this smoothie but I think you get the picture that this smoothie has a HIGH level of nutrients in a SMALL amount of calories.

I also developed a Blackberry Banana compote with oats, dates, sesame seeds and pecans as a delicious, high nutrient breakfast for a cold winter morning. I did not get a picture of this recipe but my family LOVED IT! The fruit is sauteed in a tiny amount of coconut oil and maple syrup until softened, then the oats, nuts and seeds are added and sauteed until softened. It was served with fresh, homemade vanilla almond milk.

The Peaceful Kitchen Refocused

Fresh Vegetable Marinara over Grilled Polenta

Recently I have been focusing on creating delicious recipes that are also very high in nutrients while being extremely healthy. I have spent the past several years recreating American comfort food into healthy vegan recipes using earth balance, whole grain flours, and natural sweeteners but I'd like to re-focus my efforts on creating very healthy recipes minimizing even processed whole grain flours, oils, and sweeteners.

I believe that every individual is on a different level health wise and I wanted to show that healthy plant based food can be every bit as enjoyable as standard american comfort food and it can be healthy. I do not necessarily eat this way on a daily basis though and it is not how I teach my clients to eat.

My Personal Diet

Breakfast: I eat several pieces of fruit or I have a green smoothie in the morning

Lunch: usually a large salad and an ezekiel english muffin with almond butter and agave or....Steamed vegetables, edamame, ezekiel english muffin, or vegetables sauteed in vegetable broth and seasonings

Dinners: vary widely but I always have a LARGE salad and a small portion of whatever I make for my family.

Comfort food is great on special occasions but in order to achieve optimal health you need to be consuming healthy food in its most natural state even minimizing whole wheat flours. I want to begin creating recipes that are every bit as delicious as the S.A.D. re-creations but that contain healthier ingredients, less refined oils and succanut or turbinado and more whole foods.

I hope you will enjoy the new recipes and photos as I begin creating new, healthier recipes. Please see the website for full recipe collections:

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