Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Peaceful Thanksgiving Feast!!

I know there are many who believe that you can't have a delicious vegan Thanksgiving, well you absolutely can!! On the left you have homemade tofurkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, the top of the plate is tempeh sausage stuffing, the right side is Cranberry salad with 'whip cream', green bean casserole in cream sauce with homemade onion rings, A croissant roll, and of course yam casserole with an oat cinnamon crumb topping!

Cashew Cream Egg Nog

I served a beautiful, light, creamy Egg Nog with our Thanksgiving dinner. As a child I HATED Egg Nog, that junk you buy in the store is not edible at all. It is so thick and so sugary that even as a sugar loving kid I couldn't drink the stuff. This egg nog is light, but very creamy. It is heavenly! I created this in a cashew cream base because I think it gives it a richer, creamier flavor than soymilk.

Gala Apple Pie

I used gala apples, a little coconut oil and maple syrup to flavor the pie. It was hard to stop eating it!

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Pie with Oreo Crust!

HEAVENLY!! This pie was so decadent and creamy. This was a hit with my chocolate loving husband. While it may not be a very traditional Thanksgiving pie, my husband insisted that I come up with a chocolate mousse for Thanksgiving and so I did. It was amazing!


5erg said...

This looks great:D i am not a vegan, but maybe it wouldn't be that bad to try it some day

minirunner said...

Thanks for the nice comment, the food is delicious.