Monday, December 15, 2008

Fall Harvest and The Holidays

Holiday Egg Nog

I am a pure, Egg nog hater, have been my whole life! Actually, I hate the commercial, chemical laden egg nog with sugar syrup on steroids!! I'm sure you are wondering what this photo of egg nog is doing on the blog......... because I LOVE my egg nog!!! This is a delectable cashew cream egg nog, my son wouldn't stop drinking it. It is the perfect addition to any holiday meal.

Pumpkin Mouse with Pecan crumble and Chocolate Chips

Ooooo this is good stuff!! Sweet, creamy pumpkin mousse. My kids were begging for a dessert and I thought if I could combine a fall vegetable with a touch of sweetness atleast I'd feel better about serving them a dessert. This was simple to make and tastes amazing! It would make an amazing simple dessert on a holiday buffet table.

Raw Almond Thumbprint Cookies with Chocolate frosting

These are a delicous, sweet almond cookie I made in the dehydrator. I made a delicious raw chocolate sauce and then my hubby insisted that chocolate frosting would be better, so they can be made as a raw cookie or you can whip up some chocolate frosting for them, either way they are a fun little, healthy treat.

Brussel Sprout Au Gratin

Even my brussel sprout hating husband LOVED this dish. You can't help but love ANYTHING smothered in a rich, creamy au gratin sauce. This photo doesn't do it justice. Visit for all our new recipes.


Anonymous said...

is the recipe for your brussel sprouts au gratin up? i'm having difficulty locating it? thanks, h

Tandi said...

I have not posted this recipe yet..... I will have to post this soon. It is so yummy!