Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fun New Vegan Challenge

Joy of Cooking Vegan Style Challenge

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I have had this desire to purchase a good old fashioned cookbook and cook through the entire book 'healthifying' {Is that even a word?} and veganizing the recipes as I went.  I chose the book "Joy of Cooking."   This particular book was published in 1964, absolutely perfect for recreating all those recipes from the Good Ole Days....just making them healthy and cruelty free :-)

I am really excited to embark on this adventure but I want to let you know there will be a few recipes that I will not even attempt to recreate and those will include:

Coffees - I have never tasted coffee and never intend to do so, if you like coffee I'm sure you can find plenty of resources for making coffee.

Alcoholic Drinks - Never drank and don't intend to start so again I will not be making the cocktails although I might make a few "Mocktails"  :-D

Animal organs or Body Parts- Recipes that include liver, pancreas {sweet breads}, Ox tails, or any other animal organ or body part.  I have absolutely NO interest in recreating any of this.  If a recipe is a soup and includes Ox tail I will likely add some beans and call the soup something else but I will not try to replicate any animal organ or body part in this case.

I am really excited to do this and as I go through the book I will also share the lessons about cooking that she teaches throughout the book.  I think it will be really fun and I hope you will enjoy this journey.

**Please Understand: As I go through this book I will be changing, substituting and adding vegetables and other ingredients to increase nutritional value, I will also be omitting ingredients I personally believe to be unhealthy such as olive oil etc.... 

I am excited to take you on this amazing journey of learning and discovery of new recipes!

On to the next order of business.....

Book Review:  Discovering The Word of Wisdom

I know my readers come from all walks of life and a wide variety of religious backgrounds but I would like to introduce those who may be interested to a book recently published on the LDS Word of Wisdom.  It is an excellent compilation of information, insights, success stories and a background on religious ideas about Dietary habits and their relation to spiritual as well as physical health.  If you feel this may interest you, you can click the link below to purchase your own copy.

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