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Sunburger and Spinach in a Garlic Cream Sauce Recipe

Sunburger and Spinach in a Garlic Cream Sauce over Brown Rice Recipe

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A simple, hearty dish featuring sauteed spinach and crumbled sunburgers in a rich, creamy cashew garlic cream sauce.  This simple recipe features a gourmet flavor in the garlic cream sauce, yet, it can be made in a matter of minutes.  

When I don't have the time to sit and wait nearly an hour for brown rice to cook I use one of my favorite quick and simple alternatives....instant brown rice.   It only takes 10 minutes!

So, when my nutrition clients complain that they don't have time to cook brown rice and use white rice instead I don't buy it for one minute!  If you don't have time to cook brown rice you have two simple solutions!

1.  Instant Brown Rice:  I buy instant brown rice so I can use it for breakfast or for times I really don't have time to cook brown rice and I want something quick and easy.  No excuses, instant brown rice is FASTER than white rice.  Yes, it is more expensive but it is a lifesaver when you are in a pinch.

2. Brown Rice freezes extremely well!  On a lazy Saturday afternoon or on a day when you have some time on your  hands cook up a HUGE batch of brown rice and freeze it in freezer bags or plastic containers.  I freeze brown rice with 4 servings per bag, that way I can easily defrost enough for my family.

When you make the commitment to improve your health and eat healthier you have to find ways to make it work.  For every excuse there is a simple solution.  You  have to be willing to put forth the effort though, if you are a chronic excusitarian, healthy eating certainly is not for you!   I have dealt with dozens and dozens of people and it is rare to find one who is willing to do what it takes, but those who are willing are always the ones who are able to completely reverse diabetes, fibromyalgia and other chronic diseases.  It is a joy to find that rare diamond in the rough who is ready and willing to do what it takes!  It is these individuals who keep me going, seeing their dramatic healing inspires me to move forward despite seemingly insurmountable opposition.

It is interesting to me that those who let food dictate their lives, their friends, their habits, and their health become horrible Food Snobs!  

I heard this word first from my sister in law who called her husband a food snob because he is a picky eater.  I thought it was quite cleaver, however, I decided to put my own spin on the term food snob.  I believe a food snob is someone who is intolerant of others food choices and exhibits this by incessantly mocking, teasing, arguing, and trying to start debates at the dinner table about food.   A food snob is someone who is so insecure about their own food choices they feel they have to hate, gossip about, or make fun of anyone else who has the courage to change dietary habits.    Honestly, who cares!  I don't make comments to anyone about their personal dietary choices, I honestly don't care and it is none of my business!  If they want to come to a dinner party and bring their own alfalfa hay or horse manure to gnaw on what difference does that make to me?   

They also refuse to accommodate others dietary choices because they honestly assume that there is something inherently wrong with avoiding a certain food due to ethical, moral, religious, simple personal choice, or health reasons.   My husband once asked me if I would be willing to accommodate someone who was on a low carb diet and I said absolutely!   I wouldn't be willing to cook meat simply because I find it absolutely repulsive but I could absolutely accommodate a low carb diet if need be.  I would make a delicious salad topped with a nut-based dressing,  a delicious seitan marsala or something like that.  It might be different than what they are used to but I would certainly be willing to do so if I had invited someone to dinner and found out ahead of time that this was their personal dietary choice.   

Over the last 8 years I have met some wonderful people who were excellent examples of love and kindness and I have met some very poor examples as well.  When we lived in Virginia a wonderful, sweet woman invited us to dinner and when I informed her that we were vegetarian she didn't skip a beat, she said okay, great we will make a great vegetarian meal.  She did make a beautiful meal, we all ate and had a great time.  When we were moving she came by the night before we moved out with a box FULL of food.  She said I know you probably don't have anything for breakfast in the morning so I brought you this.  It was full of fruit,  dairy free biscuits, granola and all kinds of delicious food!  It was wonderful, because we really didn't have much for breakfast in the morning and we all enjoyed what she had brought.  It also had some vegetable soup for lunch the next day too.   I have learned great lessons from people along the way about being loving and accepting despite differences but I have also had some very painful experiences from those who have been rude and hateful.

Don't we all have foods we simple do not like? I know I certainly do and always have.  We all have foods we don't like and that is OKAY!   Some people think fruit is unhealthy and don't eat it, some people don't like soy or think it is unhealthy, some people don't like vegetables, some people don't like 'carbs', some people don't like eggs, some people don't like dairy and some people don't like meat...... it's ALL okay.

We were invited to roast hot dogs at a neighbors house and we politely said we would be happy to bring our own and we brought our veggie dogs and they ate their bratwurst and we had a great time and food was a complete non-issue.  This is the way it SHOULD be! 

You are not a food snob because you avoid a certain food for ethical, moral, religious, personal or health reasons!  You are a food snob when you refuse to accept others because of their food choices.

Okay, enough of my ramblings and on to the delicious recipe.

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This looks so delicious and easy! I have all the ingredients too, so I'm making it tomorrow night!