Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vegan Carrot Cake recipe, Gluten Free Vegan Pepperoni Recipe and Soy Free Mozzarella cheese recipe...

Decadent Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe

I have been testing various carrot cake recipes, this vegan carrot cake recipe is light, decadent and very moist.  It is a delicious carrot cake recipe I know you will LOVE!  I generally create lower sugar, oil free recipes for my immediate family and I believe that is the optimal way to eat, however, I realize that most people do not eat this way and so I wanted to create a delicious vegan carrot cake recipe that would appeal to the most discerning dessert lover. 

Combining soymilk and vinegar creates a thick, buttermilk like product that makes egg free recipes decadent, light and fluffy.  This vegan carrot cake recipe utlizes the action of soymilk and vinegar buttermilk to create this luscious dessert.

Soy Free Vegan Mozzarella Cheese Recipe
I have also been testing vegan mozzarella cheese recipes, this cheese was high in nutrient density and is appropriate for those with more refined healthy tastes.  I will make the healthy vegan mozzarrella cheese recipe available to those who request it but I am not going to post this mozzarrella cheese recipe here because it is a very soft cheese that does not grate well, the flavor is delicious but I need to make a few tweaks before posting the recipe.  I just wanted to show you a photo of the finished product....YUM!
Gluten Free Vegan Pepperoni Recipe
This is a photo of the mozzarella cheese recipe and vegan pepperoni recipe on top of a delicious pizza, with a gluten free crust.   The gluten free vegan pepperoni recipe was a hit with my kids, they LOVED it.  I usually don't make meat substitutes because honestly, I hate the taste and texture of it and have no desire to replicate it, however, this does not have the texture of meat, but it does have a wonderful flavor.  It is also low in fat and high in nutrients!  Enjoy!

Pizza toppings:

white button mushrooms
green bell pepper

Gluten Free Veggie Pepperoni

My Kids LOVED this!

**Important note on the gluten free veggie pepperoni recipe:  If you prefer a rich pepperoni like traditional pepperoni you will need to sautee the slices in oil before using.  You can also deep fry the actual gluten free pepperoni log before slicing and that will also give you a more authentic pepperoni texture and taste as well.  I prefer to bake mine, but if you do only bake it, the pepperoni will be dry and not as oily as traditional pepperoni so be aware of this when making this gluten free veggie pepperoni

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